Native Deodorant Review | Finally, a Natural Deodorant That Works!

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Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell is a nutrition expert and freelance writer from Boston. She holds a degree in Nutrition Science and shares her extensive knowledge in various publications, inspiring readers to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Catherine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a proud mother of three and a loving wife. She incorporates her expertise in nutrition and wellness into her family's daily life. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys hiking, experimenting with new recipes, and volunteering at her local community garden.

Embracing the Promise of Native Deodorant

Unpacking the ‘Why’

Living an all-natural lifestyle often entails making mindful choices about the products I use on my body. For years, I relied on regular deodorant, never giving much thought to the long list of ingredients I could barely pronounce. When I stumbled upon Native Deodorant, I realized that this was not just any deodorant, it was a natural deodorant with a difference. I felt a pull towards this health-conscious product, not just because of its name, but because it promised to care for my skin without compromising on its primary function.

One of the key reasons that prompted me to buy Native Deodorant was its clean formulation, free from harmful chemicals like aluminum, parabens, and phthalates. I felt more assured knowing that I was making a choice to protect my underarms from harmful chemicals while still staying fresh throughout the day. The deodorant scents were another aspect that caught my attention. The delightful aroma of the coconut vanilla scent was enough to transport me to a tropical paradise.

The Health-Conscious Choice

Native Deodorant does not just mask body odor but uses naturally derived ingredients like baking soda and magnesium hydroxide to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Its sensitive skin formulations come without baking soda, ensuring that even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this natural product. Tapioca starch and arrowroot powder help absorb wetness, keeping underarms dry and comfortable. As a plus, the brand assures cruelty-free practices and offers plastic-free packaging.

Moreover, the use of nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil also appealed to me. Shea butter ensures a smooth application, while coconut oil hydrates the skin, making this deodorant feel not just pleasant but also caring. The limited edition scents like Herbal Musk Lilac and classic scents such as Eucalyptus Mint cater to diverse preferences, enhancing the daily ritual of applying deodorant. Using Native’s Deodorants feels like a small act of self-care that starts my day on a positive note.


Applying Native Deodorant

The Basics of Use

Applying Native Deodorant is a straightforward process, much like any other deodorant. However, the experience is quite different. The deodorant glides smoothly on the skin without leaving any white marks or sticky residue. And there’s a certain confidence that comes from knowing that you’re applying a product on your skin that’s made from natural ingredients. When you’re transitioning from a normal deodorant to a natural deodorant, it may take some time for your body to adjust, but patience pays off in the long run.

As someone who has been using deodorants for years, I can tell you that not all deodorants are created equal. What sets Native Deodorant apart is the mess-free application and the long-lasting protection it provides against body odor. While applying, the scent is noticeable but not overpowering. It’s a gentle reminder that you’re doing something good for your body, something that aligns with a healthier lifestyle.

Consistency in Routine

While it’s easy to switch between brands and types of deodorants, staying consistent with one product has its benefits. I’ve found that using Native Deodorant regularly has not only improved the freshness I feel but also made me more conscious of the choices I make regarding my body. There’s something empowering about using a product that aligns with your values, and that’s exactly how I feel about this aluminum-free deodorant.

Consistency in use also means allowing your body to adjust to the new product. It’s common for people to sweat more or experience changes in their body odor when they first start using natural deodorants. This is just your body adjusting to the absence of certain chemicals that block sweat ducts, which are found in other deodorants. With regular use, you’ll start to notice that not only does Native Deodorant keep you smelling fresh, but it also doesn’t leave any pit stains on your clothes. It’s an experience that’s both liberating and reassuring.


Investing in Native Deodorant

A Closer Look at Pricing

One of the things I had to consider before making the switch to Native Deodorant was its price. Natural products often come with a higher price tag, and Native Deodorant is no exception. But what I’ve come to realize over the past few years is that you’re not just paying for the product, you’re also investing in your health and wellbeing. It’s a cost I’m willing to bear knowing that I’m using a product free from toxic chemicals that could harm my body in the long run.

Native Deodorant may be more expensive than your regular deodorant, but it’s well worth the investment. Each stick is packed with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda that not only keep you smelling good but also take care of your skin. Plus, there’s something satisfying about using a product that aligns with your values and doesn’t compromise on its effectiveness. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get in return.

Comparative Value

When comparing the price of Native Deodorant to other natural deodorants on the market, I’ve found that it offers good value for money. There’s a noticeable difference in the quality of ingredients and the effectiveness of the product. And while it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative, I’ve learned that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. What’s more important to me is the quality of the product and how it impacts my health and wellbeing.

Moreover, Native Deodorant offers a range of scents, including some unique ones like Coconut Vanilla and Sweet Peach, and even an unscented version for those who prefer to go fragrance-free. The brand continually brings out new scents, and they even have a charcoal version, which is a bonus for those who love to experiment with different scent options. In comparison to the variety and quality offered by other brands, Native Deodorant holds its ground.


Efficacy of Native Deodorant

Long-Lasting Freshness

One of the reasons I’ve stuck with Native Deodorant is the long-lasting freshness it offers. Even on busy days, when I’m running from one task to another, I can trust this deodorant to keep me smelling fresh. Its combination of ingredients like baking soda and magnesium hydroxide works to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, keeping body odor at bay. And while it doesn’t block sweat ducts like an anti-perspirant, it does contain ingredients like tapioca starch and arrowroot powder to absorb wetness.

Whether I’m tackling a stressful situation or just going through my daily routine, Native Deodorant provides reliable odor protection. The scent, whether it’s Coconut Vanilla or Herbal Musk, lingers subtly, making me feel fresh and confident throughout the day. Even during a rigorous testing period, such as during a workout or a particularly hot day, I’ve found that Native Deodorant manages to hold its own, proving itself to be one of the best natural deodorants in terms of efficacy.

Meeting Expectations

I must admit, I was initially skeptical about whether a natural deodorant could provide the same level of protection as my regular deodorant. However, Native Deodorant has surpassed my expectations. From the first application, I noticed a significant difference in my underarms’ freshness, and over time, I’ve found it to be a reliable partner in combating body odor. Its ingredients work to neutralize odor and absorb wetness, providing a level of comfort and freshness that I didn’t expect from a natural product.

One important aspect is that Native Deodorant does not claim to be an anti-perspirant. It doesn’t block sweat ducts but works to minimize and neutralize odor. And while it may take some time for the body to adjust during the transition from a regular deodorant, once it does, the results are quite noticeable. Native Deodorant is good for your skin, good for your senses with its range of scents, and good for your peace of mind, knowing that you’re using a safe product.

Weighing the Pros and Cons


Strengths of Native Deodorant

The strength of Native Deodorant lies in its simple and clean formulation. It’s aluminum-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, making it a safe choice for anyone concerned about harmful chemicals. Moreover, it’s cruelty-free, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to ethical practices. From sensitive skin formulations to a wide range of scents, Native Deodorant caters to a variety of preferences. The use of natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil also adds to its appeal, providing a nourishing experience for your underarms.

Another key strength is its efficacy. Native Deodorant provides reliable odor protection and helps keep underarms dry, thanks to ingredients like baking soda, magnesium hydroxide, tapioca starch, and arrowroot powder. The long-lasting freshness it offers is a major plus, especially for those with active lifestyles. Native Deodorant is not just about smelling good, but it’s also about feeling good, knowing that you’re using a product that is kind to your body and the environment.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its many strengths, there are a few areas where Native Deodorant could improve. For one, the initial adjustment period may be off-putting for some. If you’re used to an anti-perspirant, the increased wetness you might experience when you first start using Native Deodorant might be a little unsettling. However, this is just your body adjusting to the change, and with regular use, you’ll find that your underarms stay relatively dry.

Another area for improvement could be the price. Native Deodorant is more expensive than many regular deodorants, which could deter some potential users. However, when considering the quality of ingredients, the effectiveness of the product, and the commitment to ethical and environmental standards, it offers good value for money.


Why We Prefer Myro

Delving into Myro’s Appeal

While Native Deodorant has been a significant player in my shift towards natural deodorants, another brand that has caught my attention is Myro. Myro’s appeal lies in its innovative, refillable deodorant system that not only makes it environmentally friendly but also highly customizable. You choose a case, a scent, and they send you a deodorant pod to insert into the case. This means you can switch up your scent according to your mood, season, or simply for a change.

Just like Native, Myro’s deodorants are free of aluminum, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. Instead, they use a sugar-based ingredient to neutralize odor and barley powder to absorb moisture. And one aspect that I absolutely adore about Myro is their focus on sustainability. From their refillable deodorant pods to their use of plant-based packaging, they’re reducing plastic waste and promoting conscious consumption, which resonates with my own values.

Myro’s Environmentally-Friendly Edge

Myro’s commitment to sustainability is a significant factor in its appeal. The refillable deodorant system not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes a more conscious and mindful approach to personal care. Every time I switch out a deodorant pod, I’m reminded of the positive impact I’m making on the environment, and that feels good.

Additionally, Myro’s plant-based packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also completely compostable. That means when I’m done with a deodorant pod, it goes back into the earth, contributing to a circular economy. This commitment to sustainability is something I deeply respect and appreciate about Myro.


Scents to Suit Every Personality

Myro offers a variety of scent options, and what’s exciting about this is that you can change your deodorant’s scent whenever you want. From energizing citrus scents to soothing lavender and rose, there’s something to suit every personality and mood. The ability to customize your deodorant to this extent is unique to Myro and is a significant part of its appeal.

Each scent is thoughtfully crafted and has a unique character. For example, the Solar scent, a blend of orange, juniper, and sunflower, is uplifting and energizing, making it perfect for a pick-me-up on a busy day. On the other hand, the Chill Wave, a refreshing mix of cucumber, jasmine, and spearmint, is calming and relaxing. There’s a thrill in having the freedom to choose and change your deodorant scent to suit your preferences, and that’s something I love about Myro.

Myro’s Pricing: An Investment in Sustainability

Myro’s pricing structure is reflective of its commitment to sustainability. Initially, you purchase a starter kit which includes a refillable case and a deodorant pod. Subsequent refills are more affordable, which encourages continued use of the reusable case. This unique pricing structure not only aligns with sustainable consumption but also makes the product more affordable in the long run.

While Myro’s deodorant may appear more expensive upfront, the value it offers in terms of its customizable scents, sustainable packaging, and the quality of its natural ingredients makes it a worthy investment. Just like with Native Deodorant, investing in Myro is not just about buying a product, but about supporting a mission and lifestyle that aligns with my own values and priorities.


Efficacy: Myro’s Pledge to Freshness

Myro’s deodorant delivers on its pledge to freshness. The natural ingredients work together to neutralize odor and absorb wetness, providing lasting protection throughout the day. What’s impressive is that despite being a natural deodorant, Myro does not compromise on effectiveness. Whether I’m going about my regular day or facing a more intense workout session, I can count on Myro to keep me smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.

The customizable scents are also long-lasting, and it’s enjoyable to catch a whiff of the unique aroma throughout the day. Myro’s effectiveness in delivering freshness and protection is definitely on par with other natural deodorants like Native, and even surpasses some regular deodorants I’ve used in the past. For anyone looking to switch to a natural deodorant without compromising on efficacy, Myro is a fantastic choice.

Comparing Myro and Native Deodorant

Both Myro and Native Deodorant are excellent choices when it comes to natural deodorants. They are both free from harmful chemicals, use naturally derived ingredients, and offer a variety of scents to choose from. However, there are some key differences. While Native offers a more traditional deodorant stick, Myro’s main draw is its innovative refillable deodorant system, which adds a unique touch to the daily routine of applying deodorant.

Another difference lies in their approach to sustainability. While both brands are committed to creating natural, safe products, Myro goes a step further with its refillable system and plant-based, compostable packaging. This makes Myro a standout choice for those who prioritize environmental sustainability. In terms of pricing, both are more expensive than conventional deodorants, but they provide value for money with their high-quality ingredients, effectiveness, and commitment to safer, healthier choices. It’s also important to remember that by choosing either of these brands, you’re investing in your health and the health of the planet, which, to me, is priceless.

Embracing Better Choices


As I reflect on my journey with natural deodorants, one thing is certain: switching to these products is a decision I will never regret. From the refreshing experience of using Native Deodorant to the innovative and environmentally conscious design of Myro, these brands have not only helped resolve my skin irritation issues, but also contributed positively to my overall well-being and lifestyle. They’ve shown me that effective personal hygiene doesn’t have to come at the expense of my health or the environment. Whether you’re looking to make a switch for your skin, for the planet, or simply for a chance to enjoy a variety of delightful scents, going natural with your deodorant choice is a step worth considering.

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