How to Switch to Natural Deodorant: How to Switch and Why It Matters

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Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell is a nutrition expert and freelance writer from Boston. She holds a degree in Nutrition Science and shares her extensive knowledge in various publications, inspiring readers to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Catherine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a proud mother of three and a loving wife. She incorporates her expertise in nutrition and wellness into her family's daily life. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys hiking, experimenting with new recipes, and volunteering at her local community garden.

Understanding Natural Deodorant

When I first considered the idea of switching to natural deodorant, I had to take time to really understand what ‘natural’ meant in this context. Not all natural deodorants are created equal. A good natural deodorant, I learned, works not by blocking the sweat glands but by neutralizing the odor that can occur when sweat comes into contact with bacteria on the skin. Unlike conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, most natural deodorants are free from potentially harmful chemicals such as aluminum, alcohol, and certain preservatives that can irritate the skin.

Diving deeper into the fundamentals of natural deodorants, I learned about the role of key ingredients like coconut oil, known for its antibacterial properties, and arrowroot powder, which absorbs moisture, in these formulations. Essential oils often provide the scent, offering a variety of options to choose from. This was quite a revelation to me. It was like opening my eyes to a new world where my daily routine didn’t involve applying a cocktail of chemicals to my skin.

Reasons to Switch to Natural Deodorant

Armed with knowledge about natural deodorant, I began to ask myself why I should switch. The health benefits of natural deodorants quickly became apparent. One of the main reasons was to avoid the potential harm caused by aluminum compounds in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. While there is little evidence linking these to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer, I couldn’t help but consider the potential long-term effects of daily application of these substances on my skin.

Besides the health perspective, another strong reason for me to make the switch was the environmental impact of conventional deodorants. Many of these come in plastic packaging and contain ingredients that are not environmentally friendly. By contrast, many natural deodorants come in sustainable packaging, aligning better with my goal of leading a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Finally, I realized that many people, including myself, who have sensitive skin, could benefit from the gentler, skin-friendly ingredients in natural deodorants.

The Journey to Natural Deodorant


I was ready to embark on the journey to natural deodorant, yet a part of me was still apprehensive. Would it work as well as my old deodorant? How would my body react to the switch? After doing some research, I learned that during the initial transition, an increase in sweat and odor is quite normal. The process of switching to natural deodorant often includes a ‘detox’ phase, which can last a few weeks. During this time, my sweat glands might start releasing waste and impurities that have been trapped by the previous use of aluminum-based antiperspirants.

This so-called ‘detox’ phase might sound intimidating, but it’s actually just the body adjusting to the change. Some people might experience a purging phase characterized by a bit of extra sweat or a change in body odor, but this should subside after a few weeks. It was important for me to remember that sweating is a natural process for our bodies to regulate temperature and release toxins. So, I braced myself for the initial challenges and reminded myself that I was doing a good thing for my body and the environment.

Identifying the Right Natural Deodorant for You

The market is flooded with various types of natural deodorants, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But armed with my knowledge about the key ingredients and their benefits, I was able to navigate the myriad options available. I looked forproducts that contained essential ingredients like coconut oil and arrowroot powder and avoided those with harmful chemicals. I also kept an eye out for products with antibacterial properties to help neutralize body odor.

Another factor I had to consider was the scent. Some natural deodorants use essential oils to create appealing fragrances. There’s an incredible variety to choose from, but not every scent will be to everyone’s liking. I also had to consider my own sensitive skin. To avoid any reactions, I learned the importance of patch testing natural deodorants. A dab on the inner wrist can help identify any potential irritation without the risk of a full underarm reaction.


Mastering the Use of Natural Deodorant

After finding my perfect natural deodorant, I had to get used to a new way of using it. Applying a natural deodorant is slightly different from conventional deodorants. One of the best tips I discovered was that less is more. Just a couple of swipes is enough for most people. Moreover, because many natural deodorants are made with coconut oil, they react to body temperature. On colder days, I had to hold the stick to my skin for a moment before swiping. A warm underarm can also help to spread the product more evenly.

During the transition phase, I had to manage a bit of extra sweat and body odor. Patience was key during this time. However, I found that loose clothing, particularly cotton shirts, helped to absorb some of the extra moisture and allowed my skin to breathe. I also became more conscious of my diet, knowing that what I eat can impact my body odor. Cutting down on pungent foods like garlic and onion and increasing the intake of greens and fruits helped to neutralize the odor. Regular washing also became an important part of my routine to remove any lingering bacteria on my skin. All in all, maintaining consistency was the key to a successful transition.


Sticking with the Natural Deodorant Transition

As the weeks passed, I began to notice a change. The initial increase in sweat and body odor, which I now understand was part of my body’s natural process of releasing waste and impurities, had subsided. I found myself feeling more comfortable with the natural deodorant, my underarms felt less irritated, and I was getting used to the natural scent. More than anything, I was happy knowing that my decision to switch to natural deodorant was benefiting my health and the environment.

Sticking with the transition wasn’t always easy. There were days when I was tempted to switch back to my old antiperspirant, especially during the third week when the detox seemed to peak. But I reminded myself why I was doing this: for my health, for my skin, for the environment. After all, it’s not just about smelling good but also about caring for my body in the most natural way possible.

Embracing the Natural Deodorant Lifestyle

Looking back, I am grateful for the journey to natural deodorant. It has been about more than just a product switch. It’s been about understanding my body, paying attention to what I put on it and in it, and making conscious choices that align with my values. The sweat, the odor, the transition – all of it was a part of a larger process of embracing a more natural lifestyle.

Today, I feel more connected to my body. I’ve learned to view sweat not as something to be stopped but as a natural process of my body. Switching to natural deodorant hasn’t just solved my body odor issue, it’s also changed my perspective on self-care. Now, I believe in working with my body, not against it. And that’s a lesson worth sweating for.

A Journey Worth Taking


In retrospect, my experience with switching to natural deodorant was more than just a simple product swap. It has been a transformative journey of understanding my body’s natural processes, aligning my lifestyle with conscious decisions, and appreciating the benefits of natural alternatives. The shift required patience and adaptability, but the payoff has been far-reaching, beyond just solving the issue of body odor. It’s a personal testament to the notion that change can be challenging, but with the right mindset, consistent effort, and trust in natural processes, it’s definitely a journey worth taking.

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